Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

How much is it?

We can provide you with a quote after knowing your location and getting a firm estimate of number or participants.

Can kids do this?

Yes! We offer youth events for 8-11 years old with kid sized “pro” Big Wheels,  and 12-18 years old on our Adult Size Big Wheels

What are the size and weight limits?

We recommend riders be at least 5′ (those that are smaller can try, but we do not guarantee they will be able to operate the Big Wheel). Max height is 6′ 9″ and 300 lbs. ( for our adult size Big Wheels )

Where can you do events at? 

Anywhere within the metro Atlanta and South Eastern US, transport fees may apply depending on your location. We can also travel anywhere in the US with advance notice ( special pricing applies ) Events require a location with paved surface, parking lots, parking garages, or other large hard surface areas. Several Metro Atlanta hotels and convention centers offer large spaces that can accommodate an indoor Big Wheel Event. 

Is there an indoor option without Big Wheels?

Yes!  Our same one of a kind Team Building challenge is available in a indoor format not using the Big Wheels , No space, bad weather, no problem ! (This option is also located at your location of choice.)

How early do I need to book?

We ask that you please provide us with 2 weeks advance notice, but are flexible depending on our schedule.

Do you book events year round?

Yes, however since most events are outdoors, we do not recommend booking when weather will be below 50. Indoor events at your location are available year round.